PRESS RELEASE – National Conference towards Formalization of Work in Kosovo

In the framework of the activities of the National Strategy for preventing and combating the informal economy, money laundering, financing of terrorism and financial crimes between 2019 – 2023 and the Action Plan, in support of the EU-funded project “Support to the Labor Inspectorate for the fight against undeclared work”, the Ministry of Finance, Labour and Transfers, with the team of experts, today organized a national conference entitled “Towards Formalization of Work in Kosovo”, in which, in the panel discussion, was also the General Director of TAK Ilir Murtezaj.

During his speech, Director Murtezaj said that meetings such as today, will undoubtedly serve us for the continuation of tireless work in establishing and strengthening cooperation between law enforcement institutions, for the purpose of interacting and dealing with phenomena, as is the case with undeclared work.

He further said that our efforts as TAK to address this phenomenon are large and ongoing.  Currently we will start implementing three major compliance projects, based on the risk assessment methodology, which were initially disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Construction, Accommodation and Food Service project, as well as the informal employment project, are three projects that we have drafted in close cooperation with the IMF and through which we aim to address the phenomenon of informal employment or undeclared work.

Part of this conference was also the Deputy Head of the EU Office in Kosovo, Ricardo Serri, as well as Ekrem Kastrati, Chief Inspector of the Labour Inspectorate, who emphasized that construction, agriculture and gastronomy are the sectors with the most undeclared workers.

The conference in question continued during the day in various panels, to discuss with the responsible actors/institutions, about what can be done more in the formalization of this phenomenon.