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Tax Administration of Kosovo

PRESS RELEASE – Verifying the goods without documentation

During these controls, it is required the verification of the goods origin, based on Article 19 of Administrative Instruction No. 15/2010:

– SAD (Customs Documentation – Single Administrative Document) – which is acceptable evidence that the goods have passed through the border and have undergone customs procedures. In these cases it is important to be evidenced the person for whom the goods are ultimately destined.

– Transportation Document/Delivery note – All transportation of goods by road must be accompanied by documents for the transportation of goods, which describes the necessary data.

Taxpayers must be able to document all goods from time of receipt (whether by way of import, purchase or exchange or other means) until they have been sold or otherwise disposed, including the documentation of the sale or other disposition.

In the following days we will keep you informed for the results of these activities.

TAK is maximally committed to combat informal economy and to offer a fair and equal competitive environment.