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Tax Administration of Kosovo

Notice to taxpayers – TAK verifies goods without origin

Tax Administration of Kosovo reminds all taxpayers that, according to Law No. 08/L-257 on the Administration of Tax Procedures, documentation of the origin of goods is required.   TAK activities will continue to be focused on taxpayers who possess goods without documentation.   Each taxpayer must provide supporting documentation, which justifies the origin of goods …

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Notice to Taxpayers – TAK publishes the brochure “Tax treatment of Electronic Supplies”

The Tax Administration of Kosova, with the aim to notify all persons regarding the voluntary compliance with tax obligations arising from Electronic Supplies, publishes the brochure ”Tax treatment of Electronic Supplies”. This brochure has been prepared for the purpose of public information on how electronically carried activities are treated for tax purposes, and the same …

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Notice to taxpayers – Declare income and pay taxes

Tax Administration of Kosovo reminds all non-business natural persons, business natural persons and legal entities that they are obliged to declare and pay Taxes and Pension Contributions, in a real and timely manner, as defined under the tax legislation. TAK activities will continue to be focused on persons who do not declare their income generated …

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PRESS RELEASE – Meet-and-greet with Simon Woodcock

The Director-General of TAK, Ilir Murtezaj, welcomed the representative from the Embassy of the United Kingdom, Simon Woodcock, in a meet-and-greet.   “Mr. Woodcock has made irreplaceable contributions to building the professional and logistical capacities of tax investigations “, said the director of TAK, adding “Our meet-and-greet is an excellent opportunity to evaluate and reflect …

PRESS RELEASE – The growing trend of tax revenues continues, 356.5 million euros of revenues only for the period January-April 2024

The Tax Administration of Kosovo continues with the growing trend of revenues, where only during the period January-April 2024, it managed to collect 356.5 million euros, or 38.9 million euros more compared to the same period last year, or expressed as a percentage of 12.3% . While in relation to the plan, we exceeded the …