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Notice to production entities that are granted with authorizations for import exemptions

The Commission for Import Exemptions, with the aim at implementing Article 29 of Law No. 05/L-037 on Value Added Tax, and Article 48 of the Administrative Instruction No. 03/2015 for the Implementation of the Law No. 05/L-037 on Value Added Tax, based on the authorizations granted through Government’s Decisions 13/07 & 14/07, dated 06.10.2017, notifies you that all authorizations issued by this Commission for Import Exemptions, with effective date until 31.12.2019, are automatically extended and shall be valid until 31.12.2020.

This extension shall be valid for all production entities that already have an authorization for import exemptions, and the purpose of extending the deadline until 31.12.2020 is to implement the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo No. 01/9 on taking additional measures following the confirmation of positive cases with Coronavirus COVID-19.

Kosovo Customs and Tax Administration of Kosovo are required to implement all customs and tax procedures up to this date pursuant to the Decisions issued by the Commission for Import Exemptions to producers for 2019, including Annex 1 and Annex 2.

All production entities, whose exemption authorisations expire on 31.12.2019, are required to report their stocks with the Commission for Import Exemptions by 30.06.2020 in the official format, via e-mail.

 Commission for Import Exemptions