Notice to Taxpayers – Another new electronic service by TAK!

The Tax Administration of Kosovo notifies the taxpayers that, starting from 01 September 2021, it will introduce the new version of the Electronic System – EDI, whereby it will be required completion of the declaration: “Declaration from persons who are not required to be equipped with Fiscal Electronic Device/Fiscal System”.

The new electronic service for completing this declaration has been functionalized in the electronic EDI system, and is available to taxpayers who are not equipped with Fiscal Electronic Device/Fiscal System, and who will use the EDI system.

Through this service, the taxpayer is obliged to complete this declaration, by confirming how the taxpayer is not obliged to be equipped with FED/FS as all its supplies are made for businesses and not for the end consumer, and according to the law, for all those supplies it issues a tax invoice and is not obliged to issue a fiscal coupon.

Completion of this declaration, through the EDI system, is mandatory and required in order for the Tax Administration to have accurate information on taxpayers that needs to be fiscalized.

We encourage all taxpayers to complete the required declaration correctly; otherwise TAK will take the measures as provided for in the Tax Legislation.

ATAK keeps the promise to continuously care about its Taxpayers!

 Tax Administration of Kosovo