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Notice to taxpayers – TAK publishes the “TAXPAYER CHARTER” brochure

The Tax Administration of Kosovo, in order to inform all taxpayers about their rights and obligations, has published the “Taxpayer Charter” brochure.

The Taxpayer Charter has been prepared in the form of a simple, comprehensive and explanatory guideline for building a healthy relationship between the Tax Administration of Kosovo and taxpayers, based on mutual trust and respect.


Through this relationship it is intended to increase voluntary compliance, by treating all taxpayers equally and without prejudice, clarifying things as much as possible, and by being transparent and responsible in TAK’s relations with the taxpayer, as well as in provision of services in an effective and efficient manner.


The Taxpayer Charter is a guideline which outlines the taxpayer rights and obligations. Therefore, our goal is to outline the rights and obligations of taxpayers so that taxpayers have confidence in the fairness and impartiality of the tax system, but are also aware of the implication of non-compliance.


The Taxpayer Charter is supported by the USAID Economic Governance Activity in Kosovo!


The “Taxpayer Charter” brochure is available to taxpayers on the TAK website www.atk-ks.org  under the link “Flyers and Brochures”, and every person will soon be able to have the same in physical form.


Tax Administration of Kosovo