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Notice to Taxpayers – The Certificate of Employee is downloaded through the EDI Electronic System

Referring to the decision of the Government of Kosovo no. 01/32, dated 28.08.2021, on general and specific measures for the control, prevention and fight against the pandemic COVID-19, the Tax Administration of Kosovo, notifies you that all businesses, (employees whom are required to have a circulation permit only for the performance of work tasks), through the EDI Electronic System can be provided with the “Certificate of Employee”.

The download of the “Certificate of employees” through the EDI Electronic System is required from all entities operating and participating in the operation of the supply chain (including the transport of goods / services), according to point 17.3 of the above Decision, if they work even during the time when the free movement is restricted.

Each taxpayer must be assured by the employer that the document “Certificate of the Employee” is valid only for circulation in performing of duties and as such can not be used for other purposes.

The document ”Certificate of employee” can be downloaded through the EDI Electronic System, in menu “Services”, sub-menu “Certificate of the employee. This document must be downloaded for each employee who is required to move when performing the duties.

The downloaded document, then must be stamped and signed. This document together with the official ID and badge (identification card) of the employee (if any), will serve as a permit to circulate and only for performing the work tasks. So this document can not be used for any other reason.

TAK keeps its promise of continued care for taxpayers!


Tax Administration of Kosovo