Notice to Taxpayers – Declare your taxes correctly!

Tax Administration of Kosovo reminds all persons dealing with business activities, who, according to tax legislation, are obliged to declare their taxes and pension contributions in a realistic manner.

TAK activities will continuously and precisely focus on the categories, such as: under-declarers of employees’ salaries, under-declarers in medium and large businesses, under-declarers in micro and small businesses, with the aim at identifying those businesses, which under-declare their incomes.

Some of the following activities do not adhere to this obligation; therefore, TAK urges them to declare or correct their declarations as soon as possible, as well as to fulfil all tax obligations provided for by the tax legislation:

  • Identification of businesses, which under-declare the employees’ salaries;
  • Identification and addressing of businesses that under-declare, in particular for the activities, such as: trade, services, construction and manufacturing;
  • Identification and addressing of businesses that under-declare their turnovers intending to remain permanently in the fixed quota of 37.5 € every 3 months;
  • Identification and addressing of businesses that under-declare their turnovers intending to remain permanently below the VAT threshold, especially businesses in activities, such as: trade, professional services, entertainment-art, production, transport, etc.;
  • Identification of businesses that operate with losses, as well as businesses that declare zero;
  • Identification of businesses that provide supplies without the right to credit VAT, while on the other hand they deduct VAT on purchases;
  • Identification of businesses that import or trade excisable goods, which through incorrect documentation, respectively under-declaration of selling prices, evade tax liabilities;
  • Identification of businesses that deal with the sale of textiles and clothing, and keep inaccurate documentation with the aim at avoiding tax liabilities, etc.;
  • Identification and addressing of persons who do not make the declaration of various incomes that they may have either revenues from abroad, revenues from capital or other revenues.

TAK encourages all the above categories to comply correctly to tax liabilities, otherwise TAK will be obliged to take punitive measures under tax legislation.

By complying with your tax liabilities, you will contribute directly to the financing of government programs, such as: provision of public services, high-standard education, health and social welfare, legal protection and security, as well as general infrastructure for a better economic and social welfare.


Pay your taxes, strengthen your country!

Tax Administration of Kosovo