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Notice – TAK cancels some Tax Certificates

The Tax Administration of Kosovo notifies all persons as taxpayers and other persons who may be institutions based on Article 23, paragraph 1 of Law No. 03/L-222 on Tax Administration and Procedures, amended and supplemented by Law No. 04/L-102 and No. 04/L-223, that they cancelled the Tax Certificates generated online by the TAK Electronic System and the TAK website, namely the Tax Certificates generated from 07. 03.2023 to 15. 03.2023.

The reason for the cancellation of these Tax Certificates, totalling 833, is that due to a technical problem in an interaction link for refreshing the data in the Tax Certificate function, the system has failed to identify the actual debts during the time period from date 07.03.2023 to 15.03.2023. As a result, Tax Certificates have been generated even in cases where the taxpayer had unpaid obligations in TAK.

Any Institution/Person who, through the link https://evertetimi.atk-ks.org/TaxVer/ReadTaxVer verifies the Tax Certificate issued online by TAK on the above-mentioned dates, will accept the notice, such as: “Tax certificate with this serial number is revoked by TAK due to a technical problem during generation. This taxpayer has unpaid obligations in TAK, and based on Decision No. 09-06-1232 dated 24.03.2023 of the Executive Director of TAK, this Tax Certificate is invalid, i.e. cancelled.

The Tax Administration of Kosovo requests all persons who have used or may use Tax Certificates generated online by TAK from 07.03.2023 to 15.03.2023, to replace them with Tax Certificates generated again by TAK Electronic System or the TAK website, depending on the status of the person who requests the generation of the Tax Certificate.


The list of Tax Certificates cancelled by TAK is published on TAK’s website www.atk-ks.org  at the following link: https://www.atk-ks.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Lista-e-Ve%CC%88rtetimeve-Tatimore-te%CC%88-anuluara-nga-ATK.pdf


The Tax Administration of Kosovo kindly asks for your understanding!

Tax Administration of Kosovo