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Tax Administration of Kosovo

Notice to taxpayers – Get equipped with FEE/FS and issue Fiscal Receipts!

The Tax Administration of Kosovo reminds all persons, engaged in business activities, that based on the tax legislation where it is not required to issue a tax invoice, they are obliged to get equipped with Fiscal Electronic Equipment (FEE), namely Fiscal System so as to issue Fiscal Receipts.

TAK’s activities will continuously focus on taxpayers, who:

  • Are required to be fiscalized, but are not equipped with FEE/FS;
  • Are equipped with FEE/FS, but do not issue Fiscal Receipts;
  • Issue non-fiscal receipts and use non-fiscal devices.

Some of the activities, such as: trade, production, service, healthcare, hospitality, education, transport, artistic-entertainment activities, etc. do not fulfill this obligation. Therefore, TAK calls on them to get equipped with FEE/FS and issue Fiscal Receipts.

TAK encourages all the aforementioned categories to respond correctly to the legal requirements, otherwise administrative penalties will be applied, as defined by the tax legislation.


By fulfilling your tax obligations, you will contribute directly to the financing of government programs such as the provision of public services, quality education, health and social welfare, legal protection and security, as well as general infrastructure for better economic and social welfare.


Generate overall well-being, get the Fiscal Receipt!

Tax Administration of Kosovo