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Tax Administration of Kosovo

Notice to taxpayers – TAK, implementing the Project “NON-DECLARANTS”

The Tax Administration of Kosovo reminds all taxpayers, such as: non-business natural persons, business natural persons and legal entities, that based on the tax legislation they are obliged to: register, keep documentation, declare and pay correctly and on time the obligations TAX.

Based on the Strategic Plan 2022-2026 and the Risk Management Plan for 2022, TAK has drawn up the Action Plan to improve tax compliance in terms of Declaration and Late Declaration, where through this plan I will identify taxpayers who do not comply their obligations according to the Law, that is, the identification of taxpayers who do not declare and are late on declaring.

The treatment of non-declarants and late declarants will be carried out through the application of activities, as follows:

  • Preventive measures, and
  • Measures for the treatment of non-declarants.

The Tax Administration of Kosovo called on all taxpayers to declare and pay tax correctly and on time.


The Tax Administration of Kosovo encourages all taxpayers to respond to their tax obligations, otherwise the measures defined by the tax legislation will be taken.


By fulfilling your tax obligations, you contribute directly to the provision of public services, high-standard education, better health and social services, legal protection and security, and general infrastructure for sustainable economic and social well-being.


Tax declaration is a legal obligation!

Tax Administration of Kosovo