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Tax Administration of Kosovo

Notice to taxpayers – TAK updated the Questions & Answers related to the Compulsory Collection

The Tax Administration of Kosovo, in order to inform taxpayers regarding the application of tax procedures, in accordance with the Tax Legislation, has refreshed the Questions & Answers related to the Compulsory Collection, with additional data, so that taxpayers are provided with the appropriate information at any time.

Through this update, short answers have been provided for the legal requirements and procedures that must be followed by taxpayers, for the realization of their rights and obligations. The published Questions & Answers will enable the correct application of tax procedures, as well as facilitate/satisfy taxpayers’ requirements for the correct handling of specific issues.

TAK is committed to creating higher security for taxpayers/public opinion, through the provision of professional, transparent and efficient services in accordance with the Tax Legislation.

Questions & Answers are now available to taxpayers on the TAK website www.atk-ks.org, link: https://www.atk-ks.org/en/pyetje-dhe-pergjigje-per-borxhet-tatimore/


TAK keeps the promise of continuous care for taxpayers!

Tax Administration of Kosovo