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Administrata Tatimore e Kosovës

Poreska Administracija Kosova

Tax Administration of Kosovo

Licensed Companies

Name and FN of Economic Operator Certified Fiscal Electronic Equipments (FEDs)
Type Model User Manual
“GEKOS” Sh.p.k.
UIN: 810464652
Phone Nr.: 038/601-308
Email: prishtina@gekosgroup.com
Momentarily does not have any type of licensed FED
“Enternet” Sh.p.k.
UIN: 811557266
Phone Nr.: 038/603-230; 038/231-232
E-mail: info@enternet-ks.com
Fiscal Register DP-25+ Download
Fiscal Register WP50+ Download
Fiscal Printer FP 700+ Download
Fiscal Printer FMP-350 Download
Fiscal System EN SF-02 Download
Fiscal No.: 602193427
Phone Nr.: 049/717-944; 049/444-725
E-mail: euglobalservice@gmail.com
Fiscal Register M20 Download
Fiscal Register S21 Download
Fiscal Printer FP15 Download
Fiscal System DOMS-SG EU Download
Fiscal System for TAXI FP-24 Download