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Administrata Tatimore e Kosovës

Poreska Administracija Kosova

Tax Administration of Kosovo

Licensed companies

Name and FN of Economic Operator Certified Fiscal Electronic Equipments (FEDs)
Type Model User Manual
“GEKOS” SH.P.K., with Fiscal No. 600162268 Fiscal Device DP-05 Download
Fiscal Device DP-25 Download
Fiscal Device DP-35 Download
“Dukagjini” Sh.p.k. ,with Fiscal No. 600249420 Fiscal Device Favourite Download
N.T.SH. ” Enternet “ , with Fiscal No. 600339205 Fiscal Device EN-35 Download
Fiscal Device EN-05 Download
Fiscal Printer FP-700 Download
Sistem Fiskal – Derivate ENT SF-01 Download
“BBROS ” L.L.C. , with Fiscal No. 601070890 No Certified FEDs
“SERVICE GLOBAL EU ” SH.P.K. , with Fiscal No. 601164990 Sistem Fiskal – Derivate DOMS-SG EU Download
Sistem Fiskal – Derivate DOMS-SG EU02 Download
N.T.”GLOBAL TRADE”,with Fiscal No. 600018338 No Certified FEDs