Licensed companies

Name and FN of Economic Operator Certified Fiscal Electronic Equipments (FEDs)
Type Model User Manual
“GEKOS” SH.P.K., with Fiscal No. 600162268 Fiscal Device DP-05 Download
Fiscal Device DP-25 Download
Fiscal Device DP-35 Download
“Dukagjini” Sh.p.k. ,with Fiscal No. 600249420 Fiscal Device Favourite Download
N.T.SH. ” Enternet “ , with Fiscal No. 600339205 Fiscal Device EN-35 Download
Fiscal Device EN-05 Download
Fiscal Printer FP-700 Download
Sistem Fiskal – Derivate ENT SF-01 Download
“BBROS ” L.L.C. , with Fiscal No. 601070890 No Certified FEDs
“SERVICE GLOBAL EU ” SH.P.K. , with Fiscal No. 601164990 Sistem Fiskal – Derivate DOMS-SG EU Download
Sistem Fiskal – Derivate DOMS-SG EU02 Download
N.T.”GLOBAL TRADE”,with Fiscal No. 600018338 No Certified FEDs