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PRESS RELEASE – Coordination meeting between TAK and stakeholders

In order to coordinate activities for addressing goods without documentation, lack of goods in stocks, as well as non-filers, today the team that manages these two projects held a meeting with the stakeholders.

In this meeting Mr. Sami Salihu, Deputy Executive Director 2, spoke about improving tax compliance in the wholesale trade sector, including all factors that affect and are affected by this sector in a more focused and coordinated manner. Mr. Salihu also spoke about the project of non-filers, about the causes that influence non-filing and late filing of taxes by taxpayers.

Likewise, the stakeholders were informed about the target groups to be addressed through this project, such as the textile industry, the wholesale trade of food products, beverages and tobacco, the wholesale trade of household items, other specialized wholesale trade, retail trade in non-specialized stores, retail trade of other household appliances in specialized stores, retail trade of other goods in specialized stores, and others.

On the other hand, the participants in this meeting who were from Kosovo Customs, Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, SCAAK, IKAF, as well as the Retailers Network, said that every TAK initiative will find the support of our organizations, as that only in this way we will achieve equality in doing business.

At the end of this meeting, it was said that there is still a significant number of taxpayers who face the issue of goods without documentation as a result of purchases without invoices, and some of the reasons for not filing on time were mentioned, on which they agreed to work together in a prompt intervention so that the fulfillment is done according to the framework of the Tax Legislation.