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PRESS RELEASE – Gastronomy and hotels pay 117.08% more tax

Focused monitoring of hotels/gastronomy and functions related to them, such as singers, stylists, etc., has started through the specific project for tax compliance in the past year. This project has given its results in the treatment of the aforementioned sectors, which in the Tax Administration system of Kosovo have presented a significant level of risk.

The frequent calls from TAK to fulfil obligations and work in the field have resulted in the statistics from this sector being at a satisfactory level, starting from the declared turnover with 24.24% or 64 million euros, payments 117.08% or 10 million euros and the number of workers 14.45% or 2,820 workers more than last year. Then, continuing with the findings from the field, such as additional traffic from visits with a huge difference of 321.95% more than last year.

It is known that in the gastronomy and hotels sector, in addition to those mentioned, as a phenomenon which remains among the key factors of informality, there are also undeclared workers, and this has also been proven by the work of inspectors, who for 2022 have formalized 111.84% workers more than last year. What is worth emphasizing is that this sector begins with statistics regarding fiscalization, but the issuance of fiscal coupons remains a challenge.

The project for tax compliance in hotels and gastronomy, as well as their cooperative chain, will continue to be implemented, with the aim of fully formalizing the activities.

The Tax Administration of Kosovo continues with the request for taxpayers to fulfil their tax obligations, as a common good.