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Tax Administration of Kosovo

PRESS RELEASE – Half a million Euros have been paid yesterday as a result of enforced measures

Dealing with taxpayers’ debts continues to remain one of the priorities of the TAK institution, for which TAK management is continuously working and taking measures to reduce the stock of debts.

Yesterday alone, the Department of Mandatory Collection has taken strict measures against nine (9) businesses, which owe EUR 1.7 million to TAK..

The actions of the tax collectors resulted as successful, realizing immediate payments of Half a million Euros made by the debtor businesses, while the rest of the debt will continue to be collected by being paid in instalments according to the reached agreements.

We urge all taxpayers, who have not paid yet tax obligations to TAK, to visit the offices of the Department of Mandatory Collection, in order to get informed about the legal options available for completing tax payments/obligations.