PRESS RELEASE – In only two days, TAK collected about 1 million euros of debts

Handling of taxpayers’ debts, who have not responded to TAK requests for payment of tax obligations, has continued with procedures of enforced measures.

On 20 and 23 May 2022, the Enforced Collection Department has taken action against 14 business entities, in which confiscation measures have been taken. The action in question took place in Prishtina, Ferizaj, Prizren and Gjilan, where as a result managed to collect about 1 million euros of debt (939, 290 euros). Also, from the measures taken in addition to the collected debt, it has been achieved that the rest of the debt will be paid according to the agreements – payment of debts in installments.

This activity, at the same time, has resulted in the confiscation of real estate in the amount of 775,053.64 euros, the value of the debt that taxpayers owed to the institution. Similar actions will take place in the coming days, to all business entities that have debts to TAK.

Equal treatment of taxpayers, will continue to characterize TAK, as only in this way the institution will be able to have a comprehensive reach.