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PRESS RELEASE – Incomes only for the January-March period higher for 32.8 million EUR compared to the last year

Tax revenues from January to 31 March 2023 have recorded an increase of 32.8 million euros or 18.5% more, compared to the same period last year. The total amount of revenues collected for this quarter is a total of 210.4 million euros, and we have more revenues collected for 6.2 million euros compared to the plan for this period.

The factors that have influenced the increase in revenues are the numerous reforms that TAK has undertaken in recent years, such as the consolidation of the function in the collection and handling of tax debts, the digitization of 100% of services to taxpayers, tax compliance projects, etc. Besides these, the mechanisms designed to increase the accountability of the staff, which has been recently evaluated by the reports of international organizations – IMF, UNDP, etc., are an important indicator of the increase in tax revenues.

The institution of TAK will continue to increase the number of field activities with greater intensity, with the aim of implementing the Operational Plan and the Compliance Plan for 2023 towards achieving its goals, but to achieve these goals, there will always be a need for partnership with citizens, for the cases in which they encounter tax irregularities. Therefore, through this press release we announce that any report through the toll-free line 0800 80 800 will remain confidential.