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PRESS RELEASE – Information session with the students of the University “Hasan Prishtina”

Today, through an information session, the students of “Hasan Prishtina” University – Faculty of Economics, were informed regarding the Tax System of Kosovo.

Mr. Sami Salihu, Deputy Executive Director 2 of TAK, made a presentation regarding the Tax System in Kosovo, whereby he particularly emphasized the advantages of the tax system. The discussion during this session revolved around providing information that the tax laws and by-laws in Kosovo are based on international standards and EU principles.

Also, Mr. Salihu mentioned the reforms of TAK as a suitable business environment, offering all services to taxpayers electronically.

Among others, the students were informed that in Kosovo tax rates are low and more favourable compared to countries of the region and those beyond, as well as that all taxes are declared electronically.

In addition to procedures and the legal infrastructure, students were provided with the opportunity to hear regarding TAK’s progress in revenue collection, tax payment facilities, as well as TAK’s future goals.

As always, TAK opened the discussion through the questions session, where the students asked a large number of different questions regarding taxes. All of them were answered through practical examples. They also visited various departments in TAK and had the opportunity to closely see the work being done.