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PRESS RELEASE – Meeting with representatives of the construction sector

Today, the Executive Director of the Tax Administration of Kosovo, Mr. Ilir Murtezaj and the Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Sami Salihu held a meeting with taxpayers from the Construction Sector. In this discussion which was organized by the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo, Mr. Lulzim Rafuna, was discussed about the improvement of tax compliance in the construction sector, as one of the sectors with a significant risk.

Director Murtezaj, during his speech, appreciated the cooperation between the institution he manages and the business community, since according to him this is the only way through where all obstacles and concerns that taxpayers may have in relation to tax procedures can be addressed and resolved in the easiest and most professional manner. He mentioned TAK’s approach towards the taxpayers of this sector, who have a tendency to not correctly declare their tax obligations. The Director pointed out that TAK is implementing the Construction project, by which until now they have managed to have an increase in tax compliance.

On the other hand, Deputy Director Salihu, during the part of the discussion with participants, spoke about the purpose of the project, but also about the difficulties that TAK faces with this sector, as well as about the current situation in the field, where it is known that they are now already in the season when this sector increases its activity.

The Chairman of the Construction Association, Mr. Faton Hoxha said that due to the sensitivity and nature of the activities of this sector, they hope that they will have cooperation at other levels, which will enable them to be more efficient in any matter they may have.