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PRESS RELEASE – Meeting with stakeholders for the handling of goods without documentation

In order to coordinate the activities in the field of handling goods without documentation, as well as shortages in stocks, today the team that manages this project held a meeting with the stakeholders.

In this meeting, Mr Nahit Sharku, Deputy Director of the Department for Programs and Procedures, spoke about improving tax compliance in the wholesale trade sector, including all factors that affect and are affected by this sector in a more focused and coordinated manner.

The stakeholders were also informed about the target groups for handling through this project, such as the textile industry, the wholesale trade of food products, beverages and tobacco, the wholesale trade of household items, other specialized wholesale trade, retail trade in non-specialized stores, retail trade of other household appliances in specialized stores, retail trade of other goods in specialized stores, and others.

On the other hand, Ms Valbona Ymeri, Head of the Investigation Sector from Kosovo Customs, said that we are always ready to coordinate activities, since the phenomenon of smuggling is also a priority of the Customs institution.

Major Blerim Rama, Director of Operations from the Kosovo Border Police, congratulates TAK for the project, adding that the Police, as always, will offer support and assistance in every action.

Ms Nexhmije Krasniqi from the Legal Department of KCC, said that every initiative of TAK will find the support of our organization, since only in this way will we be able to have equality in doing business.

At the end of this meeting, it was said that there is still a significant number of taxpayers, who have the problem of goods without documentation as a result of purchases without invoices, as well as undeclared sales. Based on the compliance data during the year 2021, it can be seen that the phenomenon of goods without documentation is ranked among the phenomena with a high level of risk and have been identified as the riskiest activities.