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PRESS RELEASE – Memorandum of Cooperation between TAK and the Property Tax Department

Today, the Executive Director of TAK, Mr Ilir Murtezaj, and Mr Enis Spahiu, Deputy General Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Labour and Transfers, have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, which aims to increase the exchange of information related to the detection and prevention of tax evasion, as well as for the establishment and further facilitation of coordination and inter-institutional cooperation.

Based on the responsibilities of the Memorandum, the Property Tax Department will provide access to read and print information in the property tax register database for officials authorized by TAK, based on Law No. 06/L-005 on Immovable Property Tax and Law No. 03/L 222 on Tax Administration and Procedures.

On the other hand, TAK will appoint the authorized officials, whose tasks require access to the property tax register databases, through the web, and will request in writing from PTD the creation of encrypted user accounts for officials authorized by TAK.

The finalization of this Memorandum was made with the sole purpose of prevention, detection of tax evasion, and for immovable property tax purposes.