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PRESS RELEASE – TAK conducts 15,276 compliance visits

Tax inspectors for the first five months of this year have made 15,276 compliance visits to businesses, as a result of field findings, 3,534 mandatory fines were issued, as well as 184 fines for goods found without documentation. The value of mandatory fines goes up to EUR 1.2 million euros, while in terms of goods without documentation it goes up to EUR 155, 387. Operational activities which are carried out based on the Annual Work Plan, have encountered other findings, such as the lack of stocks, turnover and additional tax.


Period January/May 2022 Number Value of fines
Compliance visit 15,276 //
Mandatory fines 3,534 1.2 mil €
Fines for goods without origin 184 155,387


Undoubtedly, the performed operational activities have resulted in an increase in revenues. For this period, we have an increase of EUR 70.2 million or 28.9%, where the total collection reaches the value of EUR 312.7 million.

In addition to routine activities, tax investigations, TAK will deal with tax evasion through compliance projects, such as in the field of construction, gastronomy/hotel, goods without documentation and lack of stocks, as well as non-declarants.