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PRESS RELEASE – TAK has continued with the inspection of night clubs and restaurants 209 fines for the gastronomy sector

In the wake of tax compliance audits, the Tax Administration of Kosovo announced that last week it inspected night clubs and restaurants in various cities of the country.


These controls have been initiated in order to monitor and verify the implementation of tax laws and regulations, when we consider that in these sectors in the summer season we have a multiplication of activity. The inspections focused on several key aspects, such as:


  • fiscal cash registers, inspectors have verified whether nightclubs and restaurants have used the fiscal cash register, where they have asked the owners to register all their financial transactions correctly. As a result, 4 non-fiscal printers were confiscated.


  • undeclared workers, in an effort to fight the informal economy and guarantee the rights of employees, the inspectors checked the authenticity of the work and the declaration of employees of night clubs and restaurants, in which case 63 undeclared workers were found working


In addition to these, the audits also addressed other tax issues, such as the fulfilment of income tax and value added tax obligations for various supplies and services. As a result of these audits, there are a total of 209 fines in the amount of 48,875 euros.


The Tax Administration encourages businesses in these sectors to respect tax laws and cooperate to avoid violations and to contribute to the development of a fair and competitive environment.


The tax authority is working to strengthen tax supervision and raise awareness of the importance of fulfilling tax obligations. This initiative is essential in maintaining the integrity of the tax system and in providing the necessary revenues for investments in public services and the development of the country.