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PRESS RELEASE – TAK held a seminar for taxpayers of the agriculture sector

The Tax Administration of Kosovo continued the cycle of seminars with taxpayers, whereby this time it held a seminar for taxpayers of the agriculture and livestock sector. Present to this seminar, in addition to agricultural producers and farmers, were also the representatives from the Associations of farmers and producers in Kosovo.

The purpose of this seminar was to inform this category of taxpayers with their tax obligations according to the Tax Legislation of Kosovo. More specifically, through this seminar were provided detailed clarifications on how and when farmers are required to fulfil tax liabilities, as well as when it is considered that farmers develop economic activity, and are required to register as a business with the Kosovo Business Registration Agency (KBRA).

In this seminar were also given examples to make it possible to understand correctly all the topics presented.

During this seminar, participants posed various questions related to the topics presented, as well as other questions related to the Tax Legislation. For all the questions posed by the participants, adequate answers were provided by the presenter of the seminar and other panellists of TAK.

The seminar was presented by Ms. Valbona Jakupi – Senior Tax Official, namely Advisor for TAP with the Department for Taxpayers Registration and Services.