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PRESS RELEASE – TAK held its annual press conference today

Through a media conference today, the Tax Administration of Kosovo presented its achievements and challenges of 2022. Deputy Executive Director of TAK, Ilir Murtezaj, during his introductory speech, extended his gratitude to the media for informing the public regarding the activities of the tax authority.

2022 will be characterized by exceeding all forecasts in the collection of revenues for the state budget, which amount to 721.6 million Euro, thus, meaning that in addition to fulfilling the plan for this year, TAK has managed to collect over 10 million Euro more than the revised plan. We have an increase and exceeded revenues also when comparing this year with 2021, where the figures reach 124 million Euro.

Collection of revenues is not the only factor indicating TAK’s progress this year. There is also progress in terms of handling tax debt, whereby we managed to collected 152.2 million Euro of debt. In addition, this year a significant number of debt confiscation actions were taken against taxpayers who did not respect the terms and conditions to fulfil their tax obligations stated Mr Murtezaj.

TAK’s focus this year has been particularly put on improving tax compliance, in sectors which, according to the risk analysis, have presented a tax gap. In order to achieve results, TAK has worked to ensure sector treatment, through 5 projects which are treating the construction sector, informal employment, gastronomy and hospitality, goods without documentation/shortages in stocks, as well as non-declarants.

TAK, during 2022, was highly praised for its performance by all international institutions that monitor its work, with assessment reports from: IMF, EC report, OECD, USAID, as well as assessments from the Embassy of Great Britain and other institutions.

In the framework of this information, the director of TAK mentioned the investigations that were carried out regarding the monitoring of social networks through the analytical tool, in which 1.9 million Euro of additional turnover was ascertained.

In terms of cooperation with citizens regarding tax evasion, they have utilized reporting channels, such as; toll-free line 0800 80 800, employee verification tool and notice box; 2,379 cases were reported, whereby, upon on-site verifications, 1,087 fines were issued.

At the end of the conference, the director extended his gratitude to the media for their presence, wishing everyone health and prosperity during 2023!