PRESS RELEASE – TAK manages to collect over 1 million euros of other tax debts

The Enforced Collection Department has continued with intensified debt collection activities. The activity of enforced measures is the second in a row within a few days, where yesterday, on 31 May 2022, actions were taken against 22 business entities, which had an obligation to TAK 2.9 million euros.

The actions of tax collectors have proved successful with the immediate payments of over 1 million euros by indebted businesses. While the rest will continue to be treated by paying off debts through instalment agreements. The activities in question took place in Prishtina, Prizren, Peja, Ferizaj, North Mitrovica, Kaçanik, as well as in Gllogoc.

TAK management is determined to work diligently to reduce the debt stock, so we ask all taxpayers to visit the offices of the Enforced Collection Department in order to get acquainted with the legal possibilities they can use to perform the obligations they have.