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PRESS RELEASE – TAK marks the 23rd anniversary of its establishment

Today, the Tax Administration of Kosovo marks the 23rd anniversary of its establishment, an anniversary which finds the institution in the best position it has ever had. The factors that have influenced the growth of TAK’s progress are the digitization of services to taxpayers, professionalization of staff, transparency, accountability, reforms in debt collection, tax refunds, increased partnerships with citizens, reforms in staff structuring, etc.


As a result of continuous dedication from the staff and support from international institutions, from 2000 to December 2022, TAK has managed to collect a total of EUR 6 billion 506 million in taxes and EUR 2 billion 425 million in pension contributions, a total collection of revenues of EUR 8 billion 931 million, or close to EUR 9 billion collected taxes and pension contributions.


Referring only to the period January-December 2022, EUR 723.9 million were collected in taxes, which are record revenues knowing the challenges we had ahead. Compared to the same period of the previous year, we have an increase of EUR 126.2 million or 21.1%, while compared to the revised plan we have an increase of EUR 12.3 million or 1.7%. Pension contributions are in the amount of EUR 237.5 million. So, the total taxes and contributions collected are EUR 961.4 million.


All these achievements would not have been possible without mutual cooperation with other institutions: Ministry of Finance, Labour and Transfers, Customs, Kosovo Police, KBRA, Trust, Banks, Chambers of Commerce, Accounting Associations, and Donors.


The Tax Administration of Kosovo also thanks all taxpayers who for 23 years have contributed to the growth of the state budget, and at the same time calls on them to fulfil their tax obligations on time and continue to be part of the development of our state.