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PRESS RELEASE – TAK opens the data for ‘Tax revenues 2017-2023’

The Tax Administration of Kosovo has continued with the publication of datasets for open data, this time data on tax revenues from 2017 to 2023 have been published.

The dataset of ‘Tax revenues’ is published on the Open Data link https://www.atk-ks.org/open-data/ .  Within these sets, citizens can find the specified data according to the catalogue provided in the following categories: payments per year, month, registration status, number of taxpayers, description of the sector, by municipality, as well as the type of declaration form.

The publication of open data by TAK will help citizens/various organizations to be more informed about taxes and use those data for various analyses. Also, this will help inform the public opinion regarding the comparison of TAK’s development over the years, with the publication of comparative materials and other relevant information.

Opening the data is key for every institution and organization to increase transparency and accountability. The Tax Administration of Kosovo has always been focused through strategic plans on the growth of mechanisms, which promote the integrity of the institution. The initiative to open data contributes directly to the democratic development of an institution, as well as the development of an economic segment at an innovative level.