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PRESS RELEASE – TAK participates in the next summit in Bečići

“Financial and monetary stability of the region, uncertain times of the prolonged geopolitical and economic crisis” was the next topic of the summit in Bečići, in which the Executive Director of TAK, Ilir Murtezaj, and Deputy Executive Director, Nijazi Asllani, are also participating.

In this summit, which started on May 29, different countries of the region, such as Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia are participating, and have had the opportunity to discuss and present their experiences with other countries.

Director Murtezaj presented the reforms made, as well as other achievements in the function of tax compliance. Among other things, the director of TAK also spoke about the tax system of Kosovo, which is considered relatively simple, with low tax rates, as a state with fiscal policies oriented towards promoting investments and domestic production and also creating a favourable environment for foreign investments.

During this presentation, Mr Murtezaj also spoke about the results of TAK in the collection of revenues, which, as he pointed out, have exceeded the planned expectations. He said that all this progress is thanks to the increase in accountability, the creation of the digital system of services, which have largely eliminated the confidence between business and TAK officials.

This summit is a good opportunity for the exchange of experiences, as well as the creation of a dialogue for combating negative phenomena in tax compliance.