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PRESS RELEASE – TAK presents the project for the treatment of goods without origin and lack of stocks

The next project that starts to be implemented is the compliance project “Lack of stocks and goods without origin”, which aims to improve tax compliance in the wholesale trade sector, including all factors influencing and being influenced by this sector in a more focused and coordinated manner.

The target groups for treatment through this project are; textile industry, wholesale trade of food products, beverages and tobacco, wholesale trade of household items, other specialized wholesale trade, retail trade in non-specialized stores, retail sale of other household appliances in specialized stores, retail sale of other goods in specialized stores, and others.

There is still a significant number of taxpayers who have the problem of goods without origin as a result of purchases without invoices, as well as undeclared sales. Based on the performance data during 2021, it can be seen that the phenomenon of goods without origin and lack of stocks are ranked as among the phenomena with a high level of risk and are identified as the riskiest activities.