PRESS RELEASE – Tax Investigations estimate over EUR 6 million in turnover hidden by three specific sectors

The Tax Administration of Kosovo is continuing with the monitoring of legal entities/businesses and natural persons, who benefit from social networks, crypto-currencies, as well as from expropriations.

During this period alone, the Department of Tax Investigations and Intelligence has identified EUR 6.1 million in turnover from the aforementioned sectors, which, according to the tax legislation in force, were obliged to declare and pay for the generated incomes, but since they did not declare voluntarily, TAK has made the assessment according to the tax provisions.

TAK, as it notified earlier, has advanced tools at its disposal that ensure collection of information from various sources, both for legal entities and for natural persons/individuals.

Thus, through this communication, we urge all beneficiaries to meet their obligations voluntarily, so they don’t become subject to punishments and investigations.