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PRESS RELEASE – The Director of TAK presents the achievements of the institution for the first six months of 2022

The high level of revenue collection, the increase in the effect in the treatment of debts, the orientation towards the improvement of tax compliance, were just some of the points presented at the media conference, as achieved in the institution of the Tax Administration of Kosovo for the first six months of this year.


In this conference, the Minister of Finance, Labour and Transfers Hekuran Murati congratulates TAK and the staff for the achievements made in the first six months of this year, and also thanks the taxpayers for the contribution they make to the development of the country by paying taxes.


Then, Murati said that in order to increase the success of TAK even more, we must work on increasing trust. He said that the plans of the ministry are to strengthen the institutions, increasing the credibility and professionalism, since only in this way will the confidence in the institutions, in this case TAK, increase even more. Among other things, Minister Murati said that the formality of the economy is important, for which TAK is developing an awareness campaign.


The Director of TAK Ilir Murtezaj during the presentation of the conference mentioned the factors that have influenced the increase in revenues, such as the strengthening of internal control (increasing responsibility and accountability), increasing efficiency in debt collection, digitalization of services to taxpayers up to 100%, professional services, increased transparency, increased cooperation with local and international institutions, and the implementation of recommendations from international organizations. Director Murtezaj emphasizes that the collection of 355.5 million euros in taxes has increased compared to the plan for 26.5 million euros or 8.1%. Also, compared to the same period last year, we have an increase of 66.3 million euros or 22.9%.


Through this conference, the efficiency in the treatment and collection of debts was also presented, where only for this period January-June 2022, 76.8 million euros of debts were collected. Further, it was emphasized that the digitization of services both for taxpayers and citizens, as well as with cooperating institutions, are an important indicator in the realization of the institution’s goals.


TAK thanks all taxpayers who fulfilled their tax obligations on time, as well as the media for broadcasting and correct information about TAK’s activities.