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Tax Administration of Kosovo

PRESS RELEASE – The growing trend of tax revenues continues, 356.5 million euros of revenues only for the period January-April 2024

The Tax Administration of Kosovo continues with the growing trend of revenues, where only during the period January-April 2024, it managed to collect 356.5 million euros, or 38.9 million euros more compared to the same period last year, or expressed as a percentage of 12.3% . While in relation to the plan, we exceeded the plan by 7.9 million euros or 2.3%.

Voluntary tax compliance continues to be a top priority, ensuring that taxpayers pay the correct tax amount, and taking appropriate legal actions against non-compliant taxpayers.

The reforms implemented in recent years, the provision of services to taxpayers, the increase of responsibility and accountability, are some of the factors that have influenced the revenues growth.

TAK appeals to all taxpayers to fulfill their tax obligations, so that they do not become subject to fines and punishments provided by law, on the other hand, it also thanks all taxpayers who fulfill their tax obligations correctly and on time.