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PRESS RELEASE – Minister Hoti visits regional offices to TAK in Ferizaj and Gjilan

Furthermore, within these investments are also the reforms that have to do with merging of TAK and Customs in the future, with a sole purpose to increase the quality of services in relation with businesses and citizens of Kosovo.

“ I am here today to offer you also the support in combating informal economy as a phenomenon that is damaging our country and support for development of formal business, and I would also like to mention that the Ministry of Finance is responsible for implementing strategy for combating and preventing informal economy as well as other negative occurrences; combating informal economy is one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Finance, respectively Government of Republic of Kosovo, by including also business representatives, civil society and relevant state institutions in Kosovo”, said minister Mr. Hoti.

Acting-General Director of TAK, Mr. Nahit Sharku said that the Tax Administration of Kosovo is committed to treat equally all taxpayers, also TAK is unwavering in its approach to completely apply tax legislation, in order to create better conditions for the development of business in Kosovo.

Among other things Mr. Sharku reminded TAK officials to have in mind that efficiency and continuous engagement are the only ways that will contribute directly to build the state and at the same time to increase living standards of the people of Kosovo.

During these visits minister Mr. Hoti together with the director of TAK has had a meeting with the mayor of Gjilan municipality, where they have discussed to increase cooperation, mainly in applying new fiscal package. The Mayor Mr. Lutfi Haziri offered support and cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and TAK to fulfill objectives by applying new fiscal package.